Thursday, 27 January 2011

my experience:)

i think this experience has been interesteing, and has opened a wider variety  to what i choose to pick for my year 9 options.
using animations give a bounce to lessons and makes you want to learn more. I have enjoyed today and would like to learn alot more!:)


subjects more interesting. i also like using the cameras and macs and sounds effects :) should do this moree i think today has been good, i like doing animation when you can decide on your own theme. I think we should do this in other lessons to make :)

tommy, jack and timmy

we thought it was very fun and enjoyable and we learnt how to make a movie out of single shots. we used plasticine to make the mdels and made our own backgrounds. chris and miss dickinso were really helpful and made it more enjoyable. :D

Filming and animation day

We have had a ace day!!! We filmed a cooking show and now are animating the title sequence and the adverts. The computers are brill and you can work them really easily. Me and my group have had a amazing day and would like to do these days more often!

Animation day, 27th January 2011

33 pupils from years 8,9 and 10 took part in a full days animation workshop today.