Monday, 18 July 2011

Claran's Camera

Jimmy's Dunces Cap

Chris Millards Cup of Coffee

Eddy's Bacon Butty

Heather's Photograph

Mrs Dickinson's Worry Doll

Jack's piece of paper

Mr. Wrights Caterpillar

Georgie's Phone

Chris Wrights Building Blocks

Tom's Microphone

Carol's Clock

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Super Learning Day 16th February 2011

Year 7's spent the day off timetable exploring the theme of "relationships in the classroom" using multi media techniques. 60 pupils worked in groups to produce stop animations using modelling clay. A further 90 pupils rotated between 3 workshops: workshop 1: "Comic Life"; workshop 2 "audio stories" using garage band and workshop 3: "filming/photography".

It was a wonderful opportunity for pupils to develop their personal, learning and thinking skills, focusing on creativity. Staff also had the opportunity to work "out of their comfort zones" and develop new skills.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

my experience:)

i think this experience has been interesteing, and has opened a wider variety  to what i choose to pick for my year 9 options.
using animations give a bounce to lessons and makes you want to learn more. I have enjoyed today and would like to learn alot more!:)


subjects more interesting. i also like using the cameras and macs and sounds effects :) should do this moree i think today has been good, i like doing animation when you can decide on your own theme. I think we should do this in other lessons to make :)

tommy, jack and timmy

we thought it was very fun and enjoyable and we learnt how to make a movie out of single shots. we used plasticine to make the mdels and made our own backgrounds. chris and miss dickinso were really helpful and made it more enjoyable. :D

Filming and animation day

We have had a ace day!!! We filmed a cooking show and now are animating the title sequence and the adverts. The computers are brill and you can work them really easily. Me and my group have had a amazing day and would like to do these days more often!

Animation day, 27th January 2011

33 pupils from years 8,9 and 10 took part in a full days animation workshop today.